Friday, July 2, 2010

Can't Beat the Real Thing

Coke may have said it, but the adage is true - you can't beat the real thing;
Real Love
Real Commitment
Real Family
Real Joy

Amanda and Joey's wedding was simply brimming with real moments. The type of moments that simply make you catch your breath and forget for just a second that the world keeps moving, and time keeps passing, and oh yeah - you have a job to do, so stop standing around all misty eyed!

I knew when I photographed their engagement session last fall on Penn State's campus, that this was a couple whose wedding I would love every second of - and I was not disappointed.

For those not familiar, the Scotch Valley Country Club is well worth the drive for anyone living in the Altoona area. The grounds are gorgeous, the staff is friendly, and I simply love the windows in the ballroom.

Enjoy a small sampling, and may God bless your new life together!

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