Friday, July 29, 2011

Courtney & Jeff Engaged

I love when I get couples who have an idea - an out of the box idea - and are willing to let me play and make that idea become a reality. Courtney and Jeff are one such couple.
After booking me for their wedding, Courtney e-mailed me to discuss the plans for their engagement session. Turns out that they started dating during Arts Fest 2005. And the dates of Arts Fest 2011 matched up, so could we please please do the engagement session at Arts Fest to commemorate their dating anniversary - OF COURSE!
Courtney loves candid images, captured details, and cupcakes - I knew I could accommodate! I can't wait for Courtney & Jeff's wedding, their smiles are simply infectious and they don't take themselves or life too seriously - a combination that makes this photog happy.
So don't be afraid of crazy ideas - I'm game for whatever you want to throw my way!

Special thanks to *ndulge Cupcake Boutique ( for letting us in.

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