Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rebecca and Tom

Sorry to be such a tease last week... this was such an incredible wedding and I am so excited to share it with you all! (if you missed the original post check out )

So, Rebecca and Tom got married at Faith United Church and had their reception at the Penn Stater in the Dean's Hall - talk about absolute gorgeous locations. As most people know I have soft place in my heart for stone churches and an absolute obsession with wedding dresses. Needless to say, this wedding had me on cloud nine! As if the simple love and joy of a wedding day was not enough to make me enjoy my job, Rebecca and Tom gave me the best bridal party you could ever ask for.
I am going to diverge for a moment to talk about true gentlemen. I spent a good number of years in the south, in the land of the well raised boy who knew to respect his mama and hold open a door for any lady. Well, let me just say the south has NOTHING on the groomsmen from this wedding. The best man carried my camera bag to my car and all of the groomsmen jumped for my stock of umbrellas as soon as a single drop of rain hit the ground.
This post could easily turn into a thesis if I discussed every item that I loved about this wedding; the locations, people, music, food! Someone seriously needs to tell me where the cupcakes were from - served with creamery ice cream they had my table begging for seconds.

Rebecca and Tom, thank you so much for allowing me to share in your wedding day!!!

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