Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Seth

I had such a great time getting to photograph baby Seth on Monday at just 7 days old. This teeny tiny man is STRONG! I swear he was trying to crawl off my bean bag - yes I did say crawl, not roll, but crawl. He was pushing with both his legs and arms. My boys are 3 months and they could care less about even lifting their heads up - I may need to borrow baby Seth to teach some lessons ;o)
Luckily he was nice and sleepy when I first got there, and we eventually calmed him down again and got some precious shots. I think one of my favorites may be the scrunched up sad face - how perfectly adorable!
And once again, I have to thank Katie Daniels of Cozy Nogginz Hats (and photo props) her work is absolutely amazing and she keep inspiring me to new heights. I simply loooooooooooooooooooooove the little page boy cap, I swear - next time there will be something with newspapers. And that baseball - come on, there couldn't be anything more perfect for a little boy. The hungry caterpillar hat is sheer genius and was especially special since it is Seth's mama's favorite children's book (and one of mine as well!).
I would be remiss not to point out to all of my fans and loyal readers the trench bowl making its debut into my photography -it was custom made for me by a local artisan. Sheryl Groner of Gypsy Wood Arts ( can make simply anything out of wood, and this is just one example. Check out her work!

As always -enjoy the teasers - and if you know a pregnant mama, contact me about newborn photography!

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