Monday, June 20, 2011

Kate and Lucas

Maybe I am just more emotional because I am a new mom, but I swear each wedding this year brings me closer and closer to tears (in a completely wonderful way!).
Kate and Lucas were simply a dream couple to work with - they were willing to do anything, completely and utterly in love, and have amazing taste! I can't even put into words how utterly breathtaking this wedding was... so I am just going to flood you with pictures - I have sooooooo many favorites. *notice that there aren't really any reception pictures, this is because it would take another entire post to do the reception justice....hmmm I may just have to create a second post (if only there were more hours in the day)!

Wedding was held at St. Luke's Episcopal, bridal party shots at Penn State Altoona, and reception at the Heritage Discovery Center in downtown Altoona (absolutely amazing location!!!)


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