Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Sunday

This past Sunday I had the extreme pleasure to participate in Capria and Eric's wedding day.  The rain stayed away (yes I did my special anti-rain dance) and the dispositions of everyone involved couldn't have been sunnier.  Can I just mention how much I love fun bridal parties!!!  The ceremony was beautiful and we had fun taking pictures around campus.  When we arrived at the Lion shrine, a little girls volley ball team was having their picture take.  The groom and groomsmen made those girls' day by strolling up and posing for a shot with them.   I promise if I get the parent's permission I will post that picture soon... so cute!
Well here are a few teasers from the day...

Downtown fun

Here are just a few shots of Aaron and Jessica once we got all dried off and headed downtown.  We made sure to hit a few locations that have special importance to them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come Rain or Shine

As a location photographer, you have to be prepared for anything. Well Saturday was a great example of being able to go with the flow, and how a smile can turn the worst circumstances into a golden opportunity.

On Saturday I had the great honor of shooting Aaron and Jessica's engagement photos. We had a great plan, three different outfits and three different locations. I was so excited all day long looking forward to all the fun things we would be doing. Well as any local knows, throughout the afternoon we had scattered rain showers, but I wasn't too worried, they seemed to only last a few minutes and then blow over.
So, out we go to a great local orchard. We park the car, walk about 5 minutes out into the trees to find the "right" spot and get ready to start shooting. The droplets started falling, so we ducked under a tree thinking, it will be fine, it will pass. Within minutes, the heavens opened, and the flood waters fell. Soon three thoroughly soaked made a run for the nearest shelter, the corner vegetable market. What a sight we must have made, we could literally ring out our hair and shoes. I would have understood completely if Jessica and Aaron had said, "yeah, ummm we're done," but instead they laughed and said "well what can we do in here?"
We had a great time with the location, and after a while the rain did pass and we were able to visit both other locations to create an incredible variety of images.

Enjoy the images, we enjoyed creating them!

More to come...