Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

Kerrie and Dan are my kind of couple - at the first sign of fresh snow laying on the ground, they contacted me and said "we need to do our engagement session - NOW!" Yep, these are indeed my kind of people. So out we traipsed into the snow filled tundra of the Millbrook Marsh - and it was breathtaking. A fresh blanket of white turned the area into a scene out of a fairy tale, and the flurries that fell throughout the afternoon simply added to the magic. Without fear, Kerrie and Dan plunged into the snow, traipsed across frozen streams, and even shed their protective shield of warm coats and mittens for a a few shots.

Beyond their fearlessness, Kerrie and Dan are simply smitten with one another. They exude happiness in every look, caress, and kiss. Even the brief snowball fight that broke out mid-session has to be one of the sweetest expressions of love I have seen. I can not wait to witness and capture each moment of their wedding in May!

Enjoy the teasers!