Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Susannah (Newborn Photography)

What better way is there to jump into spring than by getting the opportunity to photograph a brand new life. Susannah was a joy to photograph - even if she was so excited to be in the world that she didn't want to stay asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. And let me say that for only 7 days old, little Susannah is quite a strong baby girl.
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to capture these early moments, precious smiles, and itty bitty pink toes.

A glimpse...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hippity-Hoppity Easter is on it's Way (Newborn Photography)

Happy Easter to All! I hope all of my readers get to spend the weekend surrounded by family and friends, and reminded of the great gift we have been given.

I think this little bunny is plumb tuckered out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

and the Lion will lay with the Lamb (Newborn Photography)

How appropriate that Easter week I received not only a great bunny hat in the mail (see post below), but an adorable little lion. I just happened to have a lamb on hand because my mother picked it up in Ireland 8 years ago when we went on a trip together. She had it hidden away without my knowledge and then gave it to me this year as an early Easter gift. I just have to say, that I love my mother and her quirky habit of just 'knowing' that something will be useful in the future.
So without further ado, a wee little lion...

'I love my lamb so much, I'll eat him - Blech!'


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HATS!!!! (for newborn photography)

So I recently was given the opportunity to partner with Katie Daniels of Cozy Noggins (http://www.cozynogginz.com). She makes the most adorable hats for newborns, toddlers, and kids of all ages.
She first sent me a set of tester hats for twins, and then yesterday a package showed up on my doorstep... HATS!!!!!! Hats of all colors and all varieties, and all for Newborns. I can't wait to get these gorgeous creations on the itty bitty babies that are on my schedule for the summer, of course those babies need to bake a bit longer, so I will try hard not to rush them out in all my excitement.
So here is a look at some of the creations...

what is that peaking out of my package...

and they just keep coming!
Lions and monkeys and bears....Oh MY (and a rabbit)
and a ladybug, so cute!

this might be my favorite - who wants to be the first to try it out?

and here are my sweet testers... two little cuddly bears.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seniors 2012

Nope, it is not too early to start thinking about your senior photos!!!

Here is all the information for this year - I'll add it to the website soon.

Senior year is a special time in every teen’s life. Make sure that your senior pictures reflect who you are, what your interests are, and give you what you want.

Traditional Senior Sessions Include:

-1 hour session at a location of your choice (no travel fee within State College)

-Up to four outfits

-Add your best friend or pet for no additional fee

- $50 print credit to use towards anything that you want (wallets, enlargements, brag book, etc…)

-Online gallery to view all of your proofed images and to share them with friends and family members (online print ordering couldn’t be easier)

-digital file sent to appropriate school for yearbook purposes



Friends Session:

-Spend your session with a friend and share some of the cost!

-90 minute session at one location of your choice

-Up to three outfits each

-$50 print credit each

-Online gallery to view all of your proofed images and to share them with friends and family members (online print ordering couldn’t be easier) ~ any pictures taken together will be in each person's gallery

-digital file of each participant sent to appropriate school for yearbook purposes

$150/per person (up to three people)

August Rush:

-Schedule your 'Traditional Senior Session' for any Tuesday or Thursday in August and save $25. You will also receive a complimentary set of three Accordion Wallets to keep and share(photographer's choice of images). This special cannot be combined with the Friend's session, but Friends sessions can be scheduled in August.


Refer a Friend:

-Refer a Friend and receive bonus bucks to apply towards your print credit!

~1 referral = $20

~2 referrals =$50

~3 referrals =$100

*Booking a 'Friends Session' does not count as a referral, referral sessions must take place at a separate time. Credit will be assessed to your account once the referred Friend's session is complete and paid in full.