Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is Where God Goes on Vacation...

... these were the words spoken to me by a guest last weekend at Talley and Jeff's wedding. Looking out on the 150 acre family farm, I had to admit, they had a good point.
This will rank up there as one of my favorite locations ever shot. The farm, located north of Lockhaven on the Susquehanna River, included the rustic barn backdrop for the ceremony, a one room school house, train tracks, and gorgeous summer fields - and if there were only more hours in the day there was so much more to explore!
Talley and Jeff's laid back attitude made them easy to work with and the whole wedding so relaxed and fun. The details were gorgeous, and the dessert buffet... I would tell you about it, but the drool puddling over the keyboard is making it difficult to type.

Enjoy the teasers!

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  1. What a great location! I love that cake...they should totally win an award for lovely cakes! Beautiful pics Suz :)