Friday, August 20, 2010

Meeting in the Middle

What is a couple to do when the groom lives in Canada, the bride lives in Alabama, and the couple happen to love all things Penn State - why have your wedding in State College of course! And can I just say, I am so happy that they did.

Kim and Jon planned their wedding in some ways around the photography - Jon's grandfather was a photographer and the couple knew that with so many of their friends and family unable to make their destination wedding, the photographs would be their means of sharing their wedding day with everyone they love.

This would have been an amazing wedding no matter what, but Jon and Kim got us into Beaver Stadium!!!!!!!!!!! What a highlight of my summer so far - and a source of jealousy for my wonderful husband. Penn State details abounded and added the perfect punch to such a beautiful wedding.

I wish you all the best,
Enjoy this tiny smidgen of a sampling from the day!


  1. OMG Suzanne! These photos are beyond amazing! Jon and I squealed like little girls while looking at them (together via iChat!) We can't wait to see more and cannot express enough what a fantastic job you and April did.

    We'll talk soon!
    ~Kim & Jon

  2. Hey Suzanne, here are a slew of the facebook comments that we have received regarding the photos - enjoy!


    Jason Stabler and Jon Snary like this.
    Jaime Beer The pics are beautiful! Congrats!

    Jenn Paullin Yay!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!!

    Judy Dunham Gorgeous Kim looking forward to seeing them all!

    Jon Snary Our photos are fantastic! I Love you

    Rachel Johnson These pics are amazing!! Very talented photographer + beutiful people = pretty pictures :)

    Sam Giordano omg they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! you guys look sooooo great!!!!!!!!!

    Katie Dunham They are so great Kimmy! Beautiful!

  3. Wow Suzanne,
    How fun was this wedding!!!! Your pics are great as always. What a way to go beyond!! Love Ya. MOM