Monday, June 11, 2012

A Very Good Reason...

A very good reason for why this blog has been so lacking lately!  And that is the introduction of the newest member of the clan, Mackabrie Elizabeth.
I am so happy to have had the past few months to get ready for, meet, and get to know my little girl.  She will grow so quickly; so I am happy for slower days to soak in her delicate nails, intent gaze, and undeserved love.  With two big brothers, she will never have my undivided attention - but she will have my whole love, as will each of my beautifully growing boys.  It is amazing how love simply grows to encompass them all, if as they grow out of the embrace of my arms reach.
Never fear, I may be smitten with my family, but I am back to work this month.  I am excited to have engagement sessions coming up, consultations for 2013 weddings, and parents of 2013 seniors starting to contact me about Senior Portraits.

But for now, here is baby Mack:


  1. Oh, I liked the one up further with a cute little pout, but this last picture is absolutely gorgeous and probably my favorite! To see her smiling at you is so precious. And you look amazing as well. Good luck transitioning back to work :)