Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Hannah (Newborn Photography)

Any natural light newborn photographer will tell you that there are two keys to great newborn images: one, a great natural light source (check); and two, a very sleepy baby (ummmmmmmmm - wellllllll - sometimes sleep is just not on the day's agenda).
My last two baby girls have just decided they were much more interested in me and the world around them than in sleep. But, I'm not one to give up - and who says that the best newborn photos have to be of sleeping newborns? (I'm going to ignore Kelly Ryden, Sandy Puc, and all those other mega starts of the newborn photography world! - well at least when my babies wont cooperate ;op)
So here is Hannah - such a cutie, with so much hair, and soooo alert. We finally got her to doze off for the last 5 minutes - amazing what can happen in 5 minutes!


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