Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Lucy (Newborn Photography)

I was so excited to get to photograph sweet little Lucy - newly home from the hospital, I just knew that she would be so sleepy and cuddly and I would get to do so many amazing set ups with hats and tutus and fabrics - and it was such a gorgeous day I even thought I might get her outside in my super cool trench bowl.
Well Lucy, my friends and faithful readers, had other plans!
I think she and baby Hannah (see post below) may have conspired against me and decided to test just how much I wanted to photograph them. Well, little did they know that nothing would make me give up the quest to get the perfect shot!
All jesting aside, Lucy may have been awake the ENTIRE 3 hours that I worked with her, but in that time she only cried once. She was just content to be awake and watching the world around her. Every once in a while she would close her eyes for a moment, teasing me into thinking that finally she was drifting into dream land, but two shutter clicks later and those soulful eyes would pop back open waiting to see what I would do next.
I fear I may be loosing my magic touch as the 'Baby Whisperer' ;op But as long as I get to have fun and hold sweet little babes, I'll never give up!


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